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Penny Wasko Mason

Penny has a life-long passion for linking writers with readers, speakers
with audiences. That’s one reason why she has excelled in publicity
tours and events schedules of international authors, at all stages of
fame, as well as entertainment and sports celebrities, and public
figures, including politicians. While acquiring widely recognized
expertise and unique personal touches, she has created an extensive
network of booksellers, festival organizers, media personalities and
many others who have become colleagues and friends. Her first job in the UK was with a renowned literary agent. That led to a publishing career
in Canada. A Vancouver-based freelance publicist, she joined Penguin
Canada in 1990 as the face and full-time Western Publicist.  Over time,
additional responsibilities, including sales and marketing led to the
position of District Sales Manger , expanded to retail and educational
sales, in addition to author events,  tours, publicity and media
relations. Penny has earned her reputation as one of the best in the
business, including numerous national “Rep of the Year,” awards, her
life-long passion, undiminished, as she acquired invaluable first-hand



Terri James Harker

Terri’s entry into publishing happened on a fateful rainy day in 1988 when she picked up a soggy man who flagged her down in her Checker Cab in Calgary. With eyes wide open and full of curiosity, she interviewed every passenger as she chauffeured them safely to their destination. When the mystery man explained his task was to find the perfect candidates to fill a vacant position as a District Sales Manager for PaperJacks (PocketBooks/ division of S&S) and soon realized that she had stumbled upon her dream job. After convincing the National Sales Manager that she fit the bill there was no turning back. With 20 years repping S&S, covering Alberta and Saskatchewan (3 years) then 14 years in Vancouver covering accounts in BC. Much of the time, Terri was actively involved in the Western Book reps trade shows and instrumental in creating highly successful author events and other marketing opportunities to launch seasonal lists for indies, chains and distributors.

In 2005 Terri moved to Toronto with S&S as the Pocket Books Imprint Manager and Director of  Wholesale and Distribution. She also worked on the Costco and Indigo teams and after 2 years, moved to NYC to become the Director of the Children’s Mass Retail Division.

In 2008, back in Toronto, as the first HBG Director Of Marketing Canada, Terri opened up the Hachette Book Group office and worked closely with the manager of publicity to advocate, develop, and execute author events/media large and small. In 2012-2014 she accepted the challenge as the Category Captain for Target Canada and launched and curated books for 100+ stores through CMMI. It was a monumental challenge where systems, processes, plans, promotions and conventions were completely overhauled.  In spite of the Target Canada’s early demise she was proud of her team’s accomplishments and the many successes along the way.

On the publicity front, she’s been directly involved in planning numerous tours, escorting authors and partnering with accounts/reps for successful and effective execution. Working with authors is a particular love , and she’s witnessed the powerful impact it can have on overall growth. A small list of more prominent authors Terri’s worked with directly either escorting or planning publicity/marketing campaigns are: Mary Higgins Clark, John Dunning, John Connelly, George Takei, Elizabeth Berg, Tony Diterlizzi, Robert Thurman, Earle Mindell, Holly Black, Scott Turow, Stephenie Meyer, Malcolm Gladwell, David Sedaris, James Patterson

Ultimately Terri has been actively involved in many facets/channels of the business, and always maintained her focus on the ultimate goal of getting books into peoples hands!

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