What can we do for you?

Author tours and event management

We can and will coordinate your Authors events from start to finish

  • Strategize with the you, the client
  • Target audience, event venues, set ups and social media
  • On the ground liaison in advance with accounts/ venues
  • Stock top ups and dressing accounts- so everything looks pristine and well managed
  • Author airport pick ups and delivery to hotels
  • Experienced with all levels of authors, from VIPs to newly published authors
  • Every author we escort will feel respected, delighted and pampered
  • Special arrangements around food and chef events


  • Representation to the retail, library and educational market in BC and Alberta
  • Attendance at Trade Fairs and Gift Shows
  • Target Special Markets and Corporate Sales

Compliance checks, Sales Trends, Onsite lay-down management

  • Do you need an extra pair of experienced eyes?
  • Do you need pictures / verifications around co-op promotions in National and local chain locations?
  • Would you like a stock check done pronto?
  • Can we assist with “Key LayDown compliance” and verify product removal from retail shelves?
  • …and just about anything else??

Let us be your company’s ambassadors on the ground. We offer top notch representation, superior relationships, seasoned inside knowledge of the publishing industry in Canada and the west. As publisher’s reps are so often covering wide geographical territories, we can assist in many valuable ways.

Please contact us directly for a personal discussion on how we can partner with you to build and grow your market.

PennyWaskoMason@gmail.com     TerriHarker.books@gmail.com

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